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Rick Springfield The man has "it".

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19th December 2010

blackunicorn462:34pm: Does anyone have Rick's bio yet?
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12th March 2009

airiddh112:47am: anyone out there?
Is this place completely dead????? Hello?????

When did RS start to look THIS amazing??????


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4th January 2007

princesamari3:01pm: Rick on VH1?
Hi everyone! Does anyone have a copy of the VH1 80s special at Universal Studios with Rick Springfield live that aired several months ago??? I was there but since I don't have VH1 (I think it was on VH1 Classic) anymore I didn't get to see it on TV. ):
Happy New Year!!!! *HUGZ* ~Mari

18th September 2006

princesamari8:54pm: Rick at Universal Studios
I had so much fun at the VH1 Rick Springfield concert on Universal Studios Saturday night! ^_^
Here's some of the pictures my friend and I took. They didn't turn out that great but you can see how close we were. Great show from Rick like always!

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14th September 2006

moniqueleigh5:06pm: Rick Springfield on YouTube
Rick attended a wedding recently, and someone there caught him jamming with the musicians. Those of you who have RS-Access membership may have seen his diary entry talking about the wedding (I've only heard brief mention of the entry, as I can't afford to join yet).

Personally, I'd love to hear the rest of this. But then, I love blue-eyed blues, or just blues in general. Especially blues done well. (And, yes, Rick was a bit toasted, but it was a wedding. ;) I figure everybody there was toasted.)

Go here to see the other bits of video from that wedding.
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9th September 2006

princesamari6:32pm: Rick at Universal Studios!
I'm so excited I'm going to be seeing Rick live one more time this year! ^___^

LIVE! Sat, Sept 16, 7PM Universal Studios

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Enjoy a bodacious live rock concert with 80's legend Rick Springfield. The concert will be taped for a future airing on VH1! Plus catch an exclusive sneak screening of VH1's new made-for-TV film Totally Awesome - a hysterical spoof of 80's teen movies.

Event is TOTALLY included with your Universal Studios theme park admission (including Annual Passes)! Special "After 5PM" Tickets are available for only $19.80 plus tax.

2nd September 2006

moniqueleigh4:57pm: New Rick Springfield tune
"Who Killed Rock n Roll"

Kinda hard to hear due to concert amps, feedback, etc. Plus, the view is from behind one of the guitarists (George II, for those familiar with Rick's concert band). But it's still a great "preview" of the new song.
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24th August 2006

aninvisiblegirl6:16pm: Rick Tickets
i was able to 'upgrade' through a friend so i now have two really good seats available for tomorrow night's show at the state fair in pueblo. if you're interested, contact me by posting a comment in MY PERSONAL JOURNAL please, so i don't miss it. hoping for at least face value but willing to accept offers.

seats are 8th row, center aisle seats (2) - can meet buyer at box office before the show to exchange tickets :)

23rd August 2006

rickysbaby11:24am: Happy Birthday, Ricky Baby!
Rick Picspam aplenty here!
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22nd August 2006

aninvisiblegirl10:58pm: Denver Concert Pictures
here's a link to the online photo album of some pictures from the rick springfield concert in denver last friday:

aninvisiblegirl4:34am: Rick Adventure in Denver
thought i would share my denver concert story here, so here's a link to my post:


i'm still working on editing the pics, but i hope to have them done and posted before this friday's show! lol :)

13th July 2006

moniqueleigh3:45pm: More Rick on YouTube
I can't believe I forgot to post these over here....

Hookey Joe (1971) -- the hit single performed on Australian music chart show 'Hit Scene' (hee! 21/22-year-old Rooster Boy!)

Speak To The Sky & short Interview (1971) -- looks like the interview was cut off before it finished, but it's still fun to see the Rickster even shyer than he is now. For those who don't know, this song was the one that brought him Stateside the next year.
Current Mood: cheerful

30th April 2006

moniqueleigh10:26pm: Rick on YouTube
OK, for anybody else (like me) who missed it, Rick Springfield performed at this year's Daytime Emmys. *sigh* Now, I need a real concert...... *pout*

And I still say it's totally unfair for any man to look that damn good at 56.

5th March 2006

foxy_roxy_dorff12:28am: RICK SPRINGFIELD CONCERT!!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

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2nd March 2006

princesamari3:47pm: Looking forward on seeing Rick live tonight!!! ^___^
My 3rd Rick show since his 'Living in OZ' tour.

21st February 2006

moniqueleigh12:45pm: 'Ello
Hi, I just discovered this community. I've no idea what took me so long to do a search for the Rooster Boy in interests... Duh!

I've been a fan since.... Ummm.... I don't remember. I didn't get to see him on GH the first go 'round, but that was mostly due to where I lived. :) My parents' house is in a dead zone where the only regular broadcast station that can be received is the NBC affiliate. So I heard him looong before I got a look at the hawtness. I do remember that I was already in love with the voice and that the face was just "icing on the cake." ;)

All-but-overprotective parents meant that I didn't get to see Rick in concert in the 80s (even though he came within an hour of my hometown *pout*), so my first concert was..... 2000? 1999? Somewhere around then. I'd have to hunt down my pics (from the nosebleed section, Rick's just a tiny blob, heh) to check the date-stamp.

As you can see by the icon, I did get to meet the man a couple of years ago, but I was so dim. All I could manage to get out was "Thank you," over and over again. 'Tho I did get an "Awww, sweetie," in return. :)

Hmmm, guess that's it for now. Thanks for taking the time to create an LJ-comm for us die-hard fans!
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15th February 2006

airiddh111:25pm: Old pics?
Hi all

I'm looking for some older pics of Rick - especially any from Live Aid or the mid 80s in general - trying to make up a cover for my DVD collection! When I'm looking at the sites I can find they mostly seem to have up to date stuff - can anyone help?

26th January 2006

princesamari4:14pm: I'm so excited!!! ^__^;

I'm going to be seeing Rick live again after so many years!!!!

Rick Springfield
House of Blues Orlando, Orlando
Thu, 03/02/06 7:00pm

On Sale Fri, 01/27/06 10:00am

11th January 2006

50sgal9:18pm: new here
Hi. I just discovered this community. I've been a Rick Springfield fan since he was on General Hospital the first time around. I fell in love with him on the show, and of course I bought his early 80s albums. I saw him in concert in '81, '84, and I think it was '00 at the Orange County Fair.

I'm haven't watched General Hospital since the early 90s, but as soon as I found out he was coming back I knew I'd be watching again. I'm loving it.

5th December 2005

logicalargument10:21pm: GH
Anybody watching General Hospital on SoapNet right now?
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15th July 2005

ambidorkstrous4:02am: Hey everyone! I just joined, but I've just begun getting into Rick Springfield. (I'm 17 and totally in love with him haha) I've always loved Jessie's Girl, and now hearing some of the new songs from The Day After Yesterday album, I've really gotten into some of his music. He is amazing. Anyways, I'm sure most of you already know this, but Rick has a few cameos in the new version of Jessie's Girl by the band Frickin' A. It's a great video and in it he plays a therapist, he plays in the band, and last but not least Jessie at the end of the video! And I can definately say he is looking gooood. Haha. I love the little change in the lyrics where it's "I've been a PIMP with the lines" and the look Rick has once that's said. You guys should check out the video if you want! it's on comcast cable on demand or you can find it if you search on launch.yahoo.com

anyways i'm glad to have found a community for Rick fans!

11th July 2005

ilovecupcakes5:15pm: rick on tv
just in case any of you are interested, rick will be performing on good morning america tomorrow morning (tuesday). on wednesday he'll be performing on live with regis & kelly.

he was on soap talk earlier this morning & looked as hot as ever. i am totally digging the fact that he's been wearing suits again. *faints*


21st June 2005

fooltheworld5:27pm: Hey, how come no one posts here? ::points at rickysbaby::

Current Mood: silly

22nd February 2005

princesamari9:40am: A Rick Springfield community! Yey!!! ^_^
Looking forward to learn about his new projects.
Does he has a new album coming out? Last album of his I got was KARMA.
I've only seen him in concert two times but I've been a fan since early 80s.
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