Airiddh1 (airiddh1) wrote in rickspringfield,

anyone out there?

Is this place completely dead????? Hello?????

When did RS start to look THIS amazing??????


Just HAD to post this one again as this defines my perfect male fantasy!!! I could stare at this picture for hours!!


ah if only ...
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"Start" to look this amazing? Where have you been for the last several decades? Aside from a few wardrobe disasters (cave-man outfit, anyone? orange jumpsuit?), Da Man has always been wonderful eye-candy. The fact that such physical loveliness surrounds a wonderful talent & generous soul? Mmmmmmmm..... *happy sigh* Yeah. More of those in the world, please!
I'm in Scotland! Possibly the ONLY RS fan in Scotland! Back in the early 80's he did a few bits and pieces here but, as you will know if you're a fan, he never really broke the UK and that was the last we ever heard of him! I kept up for a while - I used to have to import his albums and spent a fortune on imported US mags as ours never featured him! Of course when I was 14 I had time to do all that and then gradually I got older and it all faded away. The last time I'd even heard about RS was probably the late 80s! I didn't know he was still around making music until fairly recently so you will excuse my lack of knowledge! Then I came across that second pic I posted and *GAH* MY GOD he still looks good!
Out of the loop, eh? OK, I'll forgive you for not realizing. ;) (Btw, sorry if it didn't come across well, but I'm possessed of a rather dry wit - & somewhat sarcastic. Didn't mean to sound as though I thought you were dim or anything.)

If you do much reading of RS bios, you'll learn (or have learned) that he was out of the picture even Stateside for a decade or so between his ATV accident & fatherhood. I've been quite happy (in my shallower nature) to see how kindly Mother Nature & Father Time have treated him.

Hrm. I'll have to check the next international "Where are we" file from the Yahoo fan groups. I know we've a few UK fans, but I can't recall if there are any in Scotland or not. Oh, & I looked through your profile & loved your icons!
aye well time certainly has been kind to him! If you've checked out my icoms then you'll probably already have guessed that I'm a HUGE Bowie fan and I thought he was ageing well (well until the heart attack - that really added the years!) but RS is in another league when it comes to looking young!!! I just LOVE his hair!!! He looks more rugged now than in the old days and me likes very much!

I was a RS fan from prob around 1983 up until I think the last album I bought was Rock Of Life and then he just disappeared of the radar for me (back in the old days with no internet - prob wouldn't happen now!). Until I looked into it all in the past week or so I had no idea about the accident or any of it or why he'd disappeared - just assumed his time had come and gone! (yes I know - me bad!)but it was hard being a fan in a country where virtually no one knew who he was! There was no information to be had!

So for some reason I looked him up one night last week and I found THAT photo - and that led to me downloading the last two albums and the Live DVD(I WILL but them - but i needed them RIGHT away!!) and I've been totally overdosing on him since then trying to cach up on lost time! I have virtually nothing when it comes to DVDs - you've no idea how damn lucky you are over there - no TV appearances for me :( I still have all my stuff from the old days tho - Hard To Hold, the live concert one, Nick Knight, and a small collection of his UK TV appearances that I recorded back then and still wanted to transfer to DVD a few years ago - so I guess I kinda kept the faith in my own way! (well - I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them!) Just had no clue what was going on with him now! I've been watching stuff on YOu Tube but I wish someone would torrent some of it! I have never seen an episode of General Hospital in my life!!

So where do RS fans go on the net? I joined the Forum on the official site but I appear to have no posting right or even rights to update my profile!!! Is that normal? Do I have to wait for so long before I can post or something? Its very frusrating!!!


March 14 2009, 17:22:19 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  March 14 2009, 17:27:05 UTC

Hey, I've got ZERO probs with the Bowie! ;) Yeah, that heart attack did him no favors in appearance, poor guy. Glad he survived, but... Well, at least it's not just his looks that made me love him. :D Hahahaha!

Push '83 back to about... '81 or '82? Might've been earlier because I do have vague recollections of some of his earlier stuff, but I was wee enough back then not to have really noticed identities of singers I liked. You're definitely to be forgiven for thinking he'd dropped off the face of the planet with the lack of news there was to be had after ROL! Lots of folks thought that. I remained a fan, but had no clue what'd happened until around '99 or so when he started promoting Karma.

Hrmmmm.... Torrents of GH? I'm not sure if anyone's tried that. But the last year or so (I can't keep up, maybe longer?), it's been almost all mob, all the time on that show. *yawn* I tried to get into the show when RS was on, but... Meh. My tolerance for the stupidity of soap characters has dropped. And the current crop of writers at GH seem to not care for continuity overmuch. So, you're not really missing much there, IMO. (Btw, I have all respect for most soap cast/crew, but those writers.... *sigh*)

RS fans on the net? I've not joined the forum because I just don't have the time to follow Yet Another Forum, but I'm a member of 2 Yahoo email groups: RS4 (Rick Springfield Forever) & Rick Springfield. There are more out there, too!
I don't think he ever STOPPED looking that amazing.